Time Shower cabins


The tradition of the shower box in a timeless model.
With a profiles that follows the perimeter, Time frames the glass with the strength of its decisive lines, perfect in every space.

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The angle bracket for the union of profiles has a round shape that refines the geometries of the structure.
Time updates the tradition through a detailed design.

The folding door is perfect for little spaces because deletes the obstruction of the door. Time is very versatile in the sizes, openings and versions to satisfy every situation and needs.

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Versions Time Shower cabins

Time A corner
Time P door
two doors
Time G revolving door
Time 2G two revolving doors
Time G+FL revolving door+aligned fixed glass
Time S folding door
Time T round (r.550)
Time TRE round (r.380)
Time F fixed glass
Time V bathtub
Time FV fixed glass + bathtub
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