Elite Shower cabins


The only presence of the side profiles underlines the refined clearness of the glass. Elite is the shower space created with a valued design, where the innovation of the aesthetics finds the beauty and the simplicity of the pure shape.

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The chrome hinges are functional and decorative elements. They allows the 180 degrees opening of the door for a comfortable enter and decorate the glass with their original shape.

The squared chrome handles allow a safe grip.
The support bars complete the structure.
In every detail, finished with precision, shines the beauty of the set.

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Versions Elite Shower cabins

Elite A corner
Elite P+F door+fixed glass
Elite P door
Elite 2P 2 door
Elite P+FL porte+paroi fixe en ligne
Elite T round
Elite TRE
Elite F fixed glass
Elite FV fixed glass with angular profile
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