The new Ideal Bagni laundry collection offers greater modularity, unique finishes and original design features, for innovative and on-trend interiors.

Ergonomic height

Even in a laundry area, details can make all the difference: appliances are raised off the ground for ergonomic use, removable deep drawers provide handy storage for cleaning products and LED strip lights under wall units illuminate the work surface.

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Robust thickness

The thick top in Rasato Malta finish closes the washbasin base unit, washing machine
and dryer in a linear composition. Deep drawers have varying heights to contain different cleaning products, laundry and everything of use.

Everything in a small space: the console with built-in washbasin in Idealcryl L. 120 cm is equipped with a washboard for hand washing clothes, while the deep drawer and tall unit with interior shelves offer storage space.

With its sloping shelves, the tall unit offers practical shoe storage. The Vela handle in coated
metal is integrated into the profile of the door and enables easy opening.

Containers for every need

In addition to storage, in the laundry area it is important to also have plenty of surface space: above the washing machine and next to the washbasin, for example, there are free spaces.
Wood panelling with shelves also creates space for everything that needs to be kept on hand.

Double height

Double height

Ideal space-saving solutions